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    daily reminder

    yea let's replace aids with cancer
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    daily reminder

    these are the democratic candidates and there's nothing you can do about it.
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    Post your credit card numbers

    I'll start Card Type:Visa Card Number:4529682612748433 CVV:395 Expires:03/2022
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    miss u
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    Goodnight Sweet Prince

    wtf that changes everything
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    Chest Cushions

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    Jesus Christ, This Forum Is Dead

    and whose fault is that you dipshit? get a proper recaptcha and email filter
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    Which one would you chose?

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    daily reminder

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    where are you
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    change my fucking name or else i will press charges

    speaking of 'No new material'...
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    Kinky politics

    Hillary lost lmao
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    Dear white guys,

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    random thoughts thread

    Then we all came on your mom's fat abo titties.