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  1. Ciaran

    RIP Kevin Smith

    It is with great sadness that I announce the death of our oldest forum member, a true forum legend, "Old Man" Kevin Smith. He almost made it to his 90th birthday which would be on February 15th. Please use this thread as place to offer your condolences so that his family can see what a loved...
  2. Ciaran

    Chalupa and Neffy - sort it out

    Guys, it's time you put your differences aside. You are both becoming harder and harder to deal with and this conflict is tearing the entire forum apart. I'm been asked by Catgarvin and Ebaum to put together this intervention in order to hash out your problems with each other and hopefully come...
  3. Ciaran

    Nefarious Butt Buddy Clan

    This is a thread where only people in Nefarious Butt Buddy Clan can post. The membership may change over time but please refer to Nefarious signature to see if you have the premium rights to post in this thread. On my last count, only Neffy, Stu, Chalupa, Devastation and myself can currently...
  4. Ciaran

    Why is Old Crust a mod

    Discuss. Useful hints: wifi stealer, crusty, old, moany
  5. Ciaran

    I know what happened to the forum

    EBWF killed Mystery Man. Evil arrived because the forum super hero was died. No more mysteries were solved. All accounts were returned to base. No more mysteries can be solved. ... I didn't know the guy, but he clearly did great work. You should all be ashamed for treating him like a leper.
  6. Ciaran

    The Mystery is Over

    It was me all along. Oh to see the look on your faces. And guess what, there was no novel OR log cabin. All you suckers who paid out hefty deposits for first editions must be feel pretty pathetic! :cool: