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  1. Fero

    Good night, sweet prince

    Every once in a while I actually care when a celeb dies. I has a sad now.
  2. Fero

    Videos that are awesome but don't deserve their own thread

    I saw this back when it was first posted almost ten years ago and totally forgot about it. Using the original piece at my wedding next month and thought of this again. Pretty amazing.
  3. Fero

    Most likely to be...a serial killer.

    I made a small selection for you. Tony 'the Tiger' Probably an obvious choice. The man is addicted to just about any kind of porn out there (no black chicks tho), he drives a van, lives with his parents and apparently speaks in a 'rapist voice'. Plus he works as a security guard, which is a...
  4. Fero

    Fight IS

    Should the USA send troops to fight those faggots from IS? I mean, both Saddam and the Taliban were angels compared to those beasts. Methinks it's time the most powerful country in the world gets of its ass and goes over to that sandbox to clean house. Massacre some extremist fags, sow their...
  5. Fero

    Shit's getting real

    "BREAKING NEWS Russia's Black Sea Fleet has given Ukrainian forces in Crimea until 5:00 local time on Tuesday to surrender or face an all-out assault, according to Ukrainian defence ministry sources quoted by Interfax-Ukraine news agency. "If by 5am tomorrow morning they do not surrender a real...
  6. Fero

    A note of sorrow for our late and lamented friend Nefarious

    I was just informed our good friend, and one of the most popular members of EBN, died at the tender age of 16. Although he bravely fought the syphilis infection he contracted after the brutal negroid gang rape, it seems the terrible disease finally ravished his young body to the point of utter...
  7. Fero

    Thoughts on the two party system

    Living in a country with more than ten parties, most of which have a totally different vision on what our society should look like in it's entirety, I can't really imagine what it's like to live in a nation that only offers it's citizens two serious choices. From a European point of view, both...
  8. Fero

    We should get rid of the letters c and x

    They can easily be replaced Check this out. Frood is driving to skool in his kar at siksteen mph. Sjalupa likes Tako Bell. Brit is unkonsious from using too mutj drugs. Matt likes seks with basik looking men. Devastation does not post any kontent bekause he is a lazy motherfukker...
  9. Fero

    Party time

    The entire community is online at the same time There are currently 45 users online. 7 members and 38 guests (archive pic, depicted people migrated back to ebwf)
  10. Fero

    Pulp Fiction

    So I was watching Pulp Fiction for the gazillionth time a couple of days ago. During the opening scene, Vincent tells Jules that in Holland people put mayonnaise on their fries in stead of ketchup, to which Jules reacts disgusted. I seldom eat mayo with fries, but a lot of people here do...
  11. Fero

    What's the first meme you remember?

    For me it's probably all your base. I wonder what kevinsmith's oldest one is. Dancing raptor baby?
  12. Fero

    Did warka kill himself

    Ran across his pic somewhere and i remember reading he offed himself years ago.
  13. Fero

    What would you change about your country

    Most of us love their country, Americans more than anybody. If you could change three things, though, what would they be. My top 3 for Belgium: 1. Split up the country 2. Abolish political unions (socialist/liberal/christian-democratic union) and replace them by independent ones 3. No more...
  14. Fero

    I miss Spooky

  15. Fero

    Thoughts on not having a boss

    I don't have a boss. I work as a nurse in the medical department of a large depot of a chain of department stores (about 2500 workers in the industrial park). I'm mainly responsible for annual medical examinations and first aid. I'm supposed to make sure my statistics are correct (number and...
  16. Fero

    Looks like the hacking revived the forum somewhat

    What's up with that? It's no longer kevinsmith mumbling to himself, chalupa lecturing, matt preaching war or neffy being his/their charming self.
  17. Fero

    What do you know about the European Union

    I know most Americans don't give a rat's ass about anything outside of American borders, but since most of you seem to be quite up to date on current events, I thought I'd post this little quiz here. It was on one of our newspaper websites, so I had to translate it. If you want to give it a try...
  18. Fero

    USA and UK, y u no go metric?

    So I spent the weekend in the south east of England, as a surprise for my girlfriends birthday. Parked my 14-year old Volkswagen on the ferry and sailed over there. Weekend was pleasant, but driving on the left and the speed signs in mile annoyed me. Why are you guys still using a weird system...
  19. Fero

    Happy 9/11

    Fo'serious now. It's been 12 years now since the one of the greatest tragedies in American history. What has changed in your everyday lives since then? For us it's mostly stuff like not being allowed canned beverages and toothpaste on airplanes.
  20. Fero

    Sex with a brown chick was the best thing I ever did

    Anyone else got experience with this? Advantages: 1. They are up for just about everything 2. They can go on for hours, multiple times a day 3. Great head 4. Nobody can call you a racist 5. Brown pussy is pretty 6. Stunning in lingerie, even whites 7. They do it everywhere. Dressing rooms, the...