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  1. silberfuchs

    Das Rules

    Listen up, chumps! As your new "Democratically elected" ruler, I provide you with the following decree: No spamming. Beyond the obvious meaning (no blanket posting the same message/posting many useless messages all over the place/blatant advertising), this includes making multiple sequential...
  2. silberfuchs

    I require macaroni pictures.

    EBN, I drew you a cool cactus. To thank me, you can draw a picture of a sunbathing whale in a tutu. And, in turn, someone must draw you a picture of your desire. Do it.
  3. silberfuchs

    Do you have any things that are delicious?

    Hokay, recipe thread. Post them. When I'm cooking, I like to keep things simple and use as few ingredients as possible. Everything I post should be fairly cheap, yet delicious. Fall is upon us, so I'm going to start with some recipes that are perfect for October and November. Homemade Pumpkin...