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  1. Frood

    Who's your favorite actor?

    It would probably be christoph waltz except ive only seen him in like 2-3 things. Everything he's been in has been astounding. Mine would have to John Lithgow. The man is a masterpiece.
  2. Frood

    Official Telaso Appreciation Thread

    ITT we talk about what a swell fella Telaso is. Dude can play ping-pong with Asians like it ain't no thang, and deal with his work idiots like a pro, and the way he stepped up to take care of his brothers is downright admirable. Your turn!
  3. Frood

    What do you call a postman's uniform?

  4. Frood

    How I Met Your Mother Finale

    Anyone else watch that show? Ended tonight. Disappointing ending.
  5. Frood

    Ban Bossy

    Has anyone seen this shit? It's stupid. Apparently the word 'bossy' is a 'squasher' now. I word used to put girls down and make them less ambitious. Fuck that, bossy is the word you use for the asshole kid who always has to get their own way, regardless of what anyone else wanted. My sister...
  6. Frood

    Reps are Gone?

    What happened to reps?
  7. Frood

    So proud of my school...
  8. Frood

    what are you looking forward to?

    Be it today, this week, this month, this year, ten years, whatever. Personally just trying to get through till 6 so I can go home and eat
  9. Frood

    You Must Spread Some Reputation around...

    There are currently at least 4 people on this forum to whom I cannot give reputation because I must "spread it around." There's only like 8 active members on the forums, and frankly, some of them aren't worth any props. Any way we can get the rules changed so we can give rep to people when they...
  10. Frood

    Does the Head (Tennis) Logo Intentionally look like a dickhead?

    Saw some guy wearing a Head shirt, and thought to myself, why is he wearing a cock on his shirt? Is this intentional, or is it supposed to be a ball and a racket or something?
  11. Frood

    This Just In

    We were hacked again...