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  1. Fero

    Pick your mid-life crisis car carefully

    I ordered my new car last night month. I chose an automatic because it's just more comfortable in dense traffic. Plus it has adaptive cruise control, lane assist and traffic jam assist. I won't have to do much driving.
  2. Fero

    suggestions/bugs thread

    Done. Within a reasonable timeframe, no less.
  3. Fero

    killed on EBWF

    I miss that guy.
  4. Fero

    Holy Crap, this is still a forum?

    Is this a Therapy? reference?
  5. Fero

    Holy Crap, this is still a forum?

    And not drowning in spam.
  6. Fero

    Holy Crap, this is still a forum?

    Six years since the hack and we're still not dead.
  7. Fero

    Running Picture Thread (Pics that are funny, but not thread worthy)

    Coolstorybro: I used to have an asshole cat like that. He didn't catch rats or mice, but he went to steal rabbits from one of the neighbors. He gutted them and left them on the terrace a ratio 1-2 rabbits/month. He got shot with a pellet gun once. The guy ultimately succeeded in killing him with...
  8. Fero

    Running Picture Thread (Pics that are funny, but not thread worthy)

    Yeah, but she can't move 4 steps forward without the bishop getting her.
  9. Fero

    New members come here first - PLEASE READ!!!

    To any old members who might return: Premium privileges have been revoked for all inactive users. Former Premium members can contact me or silberfuchs. After judgement by the tribunal, you might get to rejoin the club.
  10. Fero

    daily reminder

    I'm not saying he should be president, but at least he looks like one. Obama looked like an upjumped hood and trump looks like trump.
  11. Fero

    Post your credit card numbers

    Visa 2189 1141 9213 1119 719 6/22
  12. Fero

    Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

    Let me know when there's a PC release. Looks like a decent game, but buying a console for one or two exclusives worth playing...
  13. Fero

    daily reminder

    Just run for president already.
  14. Fero

    daily reminder

    Only Biden and Sestak have that presidential look America's been missing for 16 years. And since looks are everything, I'd elect one of them.
  15. Fero

    Nawtie trump

  16. Fero

    change my fucking name or else i will press charges

    You clearly don't know nefster.