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    21 stories proving our world is going to shit

    I'm sure you good liberals on here can tell me why each of these stories played out exactly as they should. (I'm kidding, folks.) Seriously, we really are pussyfying the world today. Text below, but click the link for images as well...
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    I'm curious, what do you think?
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    RIP Sweet Prince

    Bruce Willis is a ghost. [/inevitable spoiler joke]
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    RIP Sweet Prince

    Ban him, Matt. Ban him hard.
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    Journalist protection bill....discussion: Who/What is a journalist

    BMTH posted this a bit ago on his book of faces or whatever you kids call it: Now, I agree that journalists shouldn't be targeted for doing their job, which is keeping our government accountable. I also find it scary to think that...
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    Swedish Reporter has balls none in the US does: Asks Obama about Syria Peace Prize

    This is great: He mentions the commitment to multilateral action, but last time I checked, aren't most of our allies not backing us in this? Again? Something something not studying history doomed to repeat it.
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    Fresh Slate

    psh...pussy. You'd have been invited if you would man up and show us the goods.