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Feb 4, 2009
Listen up, chumps! As your new "Democratically elected" ruler, I provide you with the following decree:

  1. No spamming. Beyond the obvious meaning (no blanket posting the same message/posting many useless messages all over the place/blatant advertising), this includes making multiple sequential posts in a thread; please combine all your thoughts and ideas into one post where possible. As long as you're sensible, we won't come down on you for this. We also understand that mistakes will happen.

  2. You should be of a mature audience. You most certainly will occasionally be exposed to some rather distasteful things: foul language, drinking, "adult imagery", and even terrible music. If these types of things offend you, please tread carefully.

  3. Do not attack or "flame" other members of this forum. While it is acceptable to call someone out on being an idiot, use some restraint, and definitely do not make any threats towards them. We really don't want to have to get between you and call your mothers. Keep your stupid arguments to yourselves.

  4. Do not excessively use hate speech. This is an extension of rule 3. Constantly berating others for their race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity is uncalled for. While discussing these things and even occasionally using some harsh words is fine, we strongly discourage you from being overly hateful towards others--the cut off for this is at the moderators' discretion. Basically, if you use "bad" words in casual conversation, quotes, jokes or the like, it is acceptable. If you are going for shock value or just being a hateful jerk, it is not acceptable.

  5. Do not post "wares," links to wares, or any illegal content. We really don't want to get caught up in trouble, you guys.

  6. Do not attempt to trick users into clicking useless links. This includes, but is not limited to, links that you receive payment from (ie. pay-per-click/view advertising) or "games" that give you points (in one form or other) based on how many people follow your reference link. You may link to sites that contain links to these things so long as the information given on these pages is relevant (ie. provides useful information to the viewer).

  7. Do not post personal details about other members. While you most certainly can post any information about yourself that you would like (but please only provide penis sizes in metric), respect other peoples' right to privacy.
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