i am a18 and i have more lifes then you guys


Chalupa's Son
Oct 1, 2007
lets see what i got that u guys dont:
a girl i fuck her every night she doesnt evne let me use a condom bareback her feels good
a car that is almost new has 50000 miles better then ur piece of shit pickup fuck
saving u pfor a house unlik you guys who live in condos and grandaddys plantations
bout to go to a good collage
no debt unliek chadumpa and lord devastation who have close to million dollar in dett
a president that i voted for and am proud of unlike chadumpa who voted for hillar ybecause his wife told him to LOL
a bright future ou guys on here dont LOL kiss my as LOSERS!!!!!!!!! have a nice live LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!